When property owners suffer a loss, covered under the terms of their insurance policy, the claims process is often more difficult than one may think. Oftentimes, insurance adjusters are quick to inform policyholders of reasons they won’t be paid, for the loss, instead of why they will. Insurance companies cite many reasons for denying a claim. Of these reasons, one that is becoming increasingly popular is to label damage as “pre-existing” because policies often exclude coverage for such damage.

In an effort to protect against wrongful denial, we have implemented a process known as a Pre-Loss Inspection. What exactly does this mean? It’s simple and straightforward; we inspect your property prior to a loss. A detailed explanation of how the process works and the benefits thereof are included below.

• LRG inspects all exterior elevations and roofing systems for any evidence of damage

• All elevations and roofing systems are documented using 4K video and photographs

• All elevations and roofing systems are documented using thermal Imaging/infrared photographs and video with FLIR XT2 R 640

• All videos/photographs are date stamped

• Copy of video/photographs are provided to property owner/manager upon completion

• LRG will review insurance policy at owner’s request • Policy review includes locations, limitations, deductibles, exclusions and exceptions

• Policyholders are often unaware of exclusions and conditions contained within policy language

• Oftentimes maintenance issues are discovered and reported to property owner/manager

• Early detection of maintenance issues often prevents more costly repairs in the future

• Upon completion, LRG will provide report including buildings inspected, date of inspection, material type and condition

• If damage from a covered cause of loss is discovered, LRG will advise owner/manager that filing a claim is warranted in accordance with policy provisions

• LRG retains copy of all data collected. Preparing for a loss that hasn’t occurred may be one of the most valuable steps a property owner can implement

As insurance policies place the burden of proof on the Insured, inspections such as this often become an invaluable tool. Being able to provide evidence of property condition, prior to a loss, is paramount in the claim settlement process. If you are interested in LRG performing a Pre-Loss inspection of your properties, please contact us for available dates.